Boveri Realty Group LLC has succeeded in building a name synonymous with Kansas City’s monumental Urban Revitalization and expansion efforts. Often referred to as a “boutique firm” offering specialty products and services, we undoubtedly stand alone in Kansas City’s current residential market.  Boveri Realty has a knack for fluently matching prospective buyers to their ideal urban dwelling. Boveri’s customer base not only includes buyers moving back to the metropolitan area from the surrounding suburbs, but many are moving to Kansas City for the first time and only know they want to live in or around an urban area. Each of our 25 sales agents brings extensive knowledge about some aspect of Kansas City’s urban lifestyle.

Boveri Realty Group focuses on being involved with all aspects of the community to effectively market a project. We realize in order to sell a project you need to have extensive knowledge of the market.

Most of our agents, friends and business associates are now urban dwellers. We are confident we know what urbanites need and expect, and are very excited to have the opportunity to market the city to create density and an ever-expanding viable community.

All agents with Boveri Realty Group personally visit all projects in Kansas City’s Urban Core before working with clients. By learning about each product available, we are better able to serve potential buyers and our sellers.

Working With the Brokerage Community

We strongly believe in working with the brokerage community. We conduct presentations to other brokerage firms for all of our projects, send email blasts to the entire Kansas City brokerage community, and sponsor several project specific events including groundbreakings, open houses, and special gatherings unveiling new aspects of the project.

Working as a Team

We believe to effectively market a project that all parties of a project (architect, developers and marketing firm) should have clear communication and meet regularly.

Why Choose Boveri Realty Group

Boveri Realty Group does more than just sell real estate. We realize that selling urban properties has a ripple effect and brings more businesses and people to the Urban Core. Our enthusiasm and passion for Kansas City and our ongoing participation in the Downtown community is unparalleled with any other firm in the Kansas City area. As a “niche firm”, we focus a considerable amount of our time and energy to the revitalization efforts of Downtown Kansas City and other unique urban environments by promoting these walkable communities where people live and work. We have more presence showing projects in the Urban Core than any other real estate firm. We are able to effectively market a project at all stages of development. Boveri Realty Group is very creative with on the street marketing whether it is participating in community events, handing out flyers, and introducing developments to the surrounding businesses, presenting properties to the brokerage community, or by marketing to thousands that attend First Fridays. Boveri Realty Group has worked with many developers on several types of projects from new construction, conversions, rehabs, townhomes and other urban properties.

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