Spring Downtown to find a space you love!

Spring Downtown to find a space you love!

The warm weather is here, and the Downtown market is heating up! We have seen a huge rise in demand for both our leasing and sales departments, with properties going under contract within days of being listed.

What does this mean for you as a buyer or prospective tenant? If you find a deal you love, take action! Long gone are the days of properties sitting for months on the market with Seller’s desperate to find an interested party.  The market has shifted, and inventory is lower than ever. Be clear on what you are searching for, so you’ll know when you have found it! Make sure you have taken all of the necessary steps prior to beginning your search so that you are able to act when you find your dream space. Not sure what these necessary steps are? Contact a Boveri Agent to assist you today!

What does this mean for you as a seller? If you’ve been on the fence about selling or leasing your place, now is the time! Make sure you work side by side with an Agent who has a plan, custom fit to your property.  If you’re not currently working with an Agent, contact Boveri Realty Group to find out more! Whether you’re ready to list today, or need to gather some more information, we’d love to help!

Looking to lease, purchase, or list? Contact Boveri Realty Group to assist you today!

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